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The Hiking Site for Her

Whether you’re looking to see nature up close, or walking to clear your head, or just out to get some exercise, hiking will put you in another place, both literally and figuratively. Here are a few reason why we hike:


Starting Is Simple


The beauty of hiking is its a natural extension of something we all do naturally and every day, walk. Start by grabbing a friend and going for a walk in the great outdoors.  


Hiking Is Cheap


Compared to just about any other sport, your upfront spending for hiking essentials is minimal. Talk to hikers and they start to tell you about their new gear, but the reality is you don't need much to get started. 


Hiking Is Real


Hiking encourages you to step away from our electronic world, where devices are everywhere, and step back out into nature. It’s a chance to experience the world directly and without a filter, and to rediscover what life was like before we all got so busy.


Walking and Talking


My dad had a saying, "There is nothing better than walking and talking." He called it Walk Therapy. You will be surprised at the things you say and learn because when you walk and talk, the truth comes out.


You Can Hike Forever


There is not age limit on the trails. You can literally walk until you drop. 


These are just a few reasons why we hike. So grab a friend and your walking shoes, and go take a hike.